MASHMM - Website Development

MASHMM – Mid-Atlantic Society of Healthcare Management Materials

For this website we designed a Membership portal that required users to sign up for a subscription in order to attend events.  Membership sites can be tricky because of all the components, i.e. subscriptions, merchant gateways, events, members, and of course, making all the parts work together with an easy user experience.  Fun project.  Great clients!


The Donahue Law Firm

We’ve built a few websites for law firms but this one was a little different.  The Donahue Law Firm is a family oriented business and they wanted their site to reflect that.  It wasn’t easy to create a distinctive site in a city full of attorneys but we think we got it just right.  The Donahues were outstanding clients and easy to collaborate with too!


Obit DIY - Website Development

This was an interesting website to create.  And it couldn’t have been more timely for what’s happening with COVID-19 in 2020.  Stefan Bielski is an amazing entrepreneur who hopes to help folks prepare for whatever comes next.

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